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COGunSales is the leading online store for unique and rare firearms for sale. We also provide militara, ammunition, firearms parts, and accessories. Visit our shop to view our selection of modern or curio and relic firearms.

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About COGunSales

COGunSales is the leading online store for unique and rare firearms, militaria, ammunition, firearms parts, and accessories. We are not your typical firearms retailer. We pride ourselves in choosing only the best quality pieces and reliable parts. We are the direct importer of Swiss handguns and rifles, and much, much more.

Our selection primarily includes Swiss military surplus manufactured by the legends Waffenfabrik Bern and SIG Neuhausen, such as the Swiss Luger model 1906 and SIG military rifle. We carry all of the beloved Schmidt Rubin straight-pull bolt action rifles including the K31, K11, Gewehr 1911, 1896/11 and the 1889. We are not limited to just Swiss surplus.

We often get rare exotic firearms from other parts of the world and have sold different Mauser patterns from around the world. French Lebels, SKS Carbines, and many more. We also carry many collectibles from newer eras like the SIG Switzerland PE90 pistols, P210s, and P220s. We also feature custom models of the M10-762, as well as AK parts kits, and rare Swiss Lugers.

We strive to maintain a variety of curio and relics and antiques, edged weapons, modern-day firearms, accessories, and parts in order to meet the needs of the dedicated collector as well as the firearms enthusiast. Visit our shop of antique firearms for sale!
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