W+F Bern Original .308 Swiss K31 Carbine Rifle 7.62×51 & 308

W+F Bern Original .308 Swiss K31 Carbine Rifle 7.62×51 & 308


K-31 in 308 Winchester! Original WFB made.

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K31’s Chambered in .308 Winchester (7.62×51 NATO)


K31: The Swiss Karabiner Model 1931 better known as the K31 was the replacement for both the model 1911 as well as the K11. It was the standard-issue service rifle for the Swiss armed forces from 1933 until 1958 where it was later replaced by the STG-57. This makes the K31 the last bolt action service rifle for the Swiss, however, particular cases and modified versions remained in service well into the 1970’s likely for its reliable action and accurate performance. The K31 features a 25.67” barrel and is chambered in the 7.5x55mm Swiss (GP11) and utilizes a 6 round detachable magazine. Interestingly, the K31 is indeed a straight-pull carbine based upon the many Schmidt-Rubin service rifles, however, the K31 was not designed by Rudolf Schmidt because he had passed away by then. It is undeniable his influence is seen throughout the rifle. Colonel Furrer designed the K31 at Waffenfabrik Bern. Since the Swiss had remained neutral throughout the entire Second World War; these rifles are all in much greater condition than the other European service rifles. Only 528,230 K31’s were produced from 1931-1970 and each batch has unique differences reflecting on the decisions made by the Swiss military.

SKU: CR SR-0309-308


Rifles Graded Individually:


S/N: 724XXX .308/7.62×51 NATO K31


S/N: 869XXX .308/7.62×51 NATO K31


SKU: CR SR-0309-308

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