Enfield 1916 SMLE No1 Mk3 .303 British

Enfield 1916 SMLE No1 Mk3 .303 British


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This Lee-Enfield SMLE Mark III chambered in .303 British is in very good condition. The rifle is marked 1916 year of manufacture. The stock has no cracks but a number of scratches on the butt right side. The finish is darker on the bottom hand guard and butt stock than the upper hand guard which is brighter. The bore is good, 3.5/5 with crisp rifling but does exhibit some signs of minor pitting. The bolt is excellent with a very clean bolt face. Barrel shows loss of finish as does the receiver. The receiver does have some minor pitting, but the action is smooth. All hardware is present including screws, sling mounts, butt plate, and barrel band which does have some pitting. The magazine is not matching number to the rifle and may be after market. The serial numbers for receiver and nose cap match but the trigger safety assembly and other parts do not.

The Rifle is marked with the following:

H over 5403 front of muzzle nose cap

H over 5403 right receiver

HV over SC on barrel behind rear sight

Arrow over EFD rear sight

FR on barrel band

V on rear sight

AL 8398 trigger guard

Crown over 95 over E left side receivers

Crown over ER over Crossed Flag/Speer

M+M import mark left receiver

Crown over CR over Enfield 1916 ShtLE III right trigger guard

TD over 4 over D over S arrow A on butt behind trigger

B on butt behind trigger

III on safety lever


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