Percussion Kadet Musket Model 1817/1842 – Swiss

Percussion Kadet Musket Model 1817/1842 – Swiss


Serial Number 25. Good Condition with Swiss Military Repairs.

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This particular rifle was stored at a Swiss armory and orginally slated for museum display in Frauenfeld, Switzerland in Canton Thurgau. However, plans for building the museum fell through and this rifle, along with other Swiss military relics, was released to the public for sale. This rifle is a Model 1817/1842 Kadet rifle from Canton Thurgau in Switzerland. This rifle bares matching serial numbers 25 on the barrel and the stock; it is safe to deduce this piece was most likely manufactured in 1817 because of the low serial number. A “T” is slightly visible on the top portion of barrel near the stock indicating this firearm is in fact from Thurgau. Obvious military repairs were made to the stock near the percussion mechanism which is still in functional order. With the exception of the stock repair (which adds quite a bit of character to this piece and outlines the Swss’ ability to reuse, repair and not frivolously waste weaponry) the stock is in great condition and the beauty of the wood’s grain is clearly visible. The barrel appears to be in very good condition considering this weapon’s age and there are no visible signs of pitting within the bore. The original ramrod comes with the rifle and is also in good condition. The brass rings surrounding the barrel are in good condition as well with the exception of a tiny crack in the ring closest to the tip of the barrel.

Overall, this rifle is quite an attractive collector’s piece, has a great amount of character and quite an interesting history.


Overall Length: 43 3/8″; Barrel: 28 3/4″; Weight: 5.95 lbs; Caliber: 18 mm; Action: Percussion; Bore: Smooth bore in very good condition.

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