Romanian AIMR AK74 Parts Kit – Cugir AK74, AIMS74, PM MD.86 Parts Kit

Romanian AIMR AK74 Parts Kit – Cugir AK74, AIMS74, PM MD.86 Parts Kit


Romanian AK74 Parts kit. BRAND NEW PARTS. NOS (2005 dated)

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This is a listing for the last of our Cugir Romanian AIMR74 Parts Kits! The Romanian AIMR in 5.45 is one of the rarest AK variants on the market. This is an offering for the Romanian AIMR, not to be confused with the Romanian AIMS. The bolt is designated for the 5.45×49 cartridge. For those who are keen on time-specific builds/historical correct builds, this is one of the hardest kits to come by, due to Romania switching to the M4 carbine as their main service rifle newly manufactured AKs and AK kits are going to become less and less common. The PM MD.86 which is what the AIMR derives from is no longer the main service weapon of Romania a NATO ally, Cugir will likely still produce some commercially available 7.62x39mm AKs that have historically been popular in the U.S. but as for 5.45 and 5.56 AKs as far as we know those are off the table. The AIMR kit comes from original Romanian military demills and since Romania is not producing the PM MD86 or PM90 anymore the odds of new parts, rifles, and kits for this model being made are slim to none. It is undeniable some of these may still be made today, but the fact of the matter is that many of these rifles are likely being fielded as service weapons for nations in the East. As far as we can tell this kit may be factory new. The kits offered here do not have major signs of “demill.” The only real blemishes on the parts appear to be from storage and or dry oils which is very remediable and will clean right off with fresh oil or gun cleaner. In other words, the condition of this kit is nearly perfect; the kit includes everything except for the original receiver and barrel. Most if not all of the Romanian-made rivets should be included. All parts included in this kit are made in Romania by the Cugir Arsenal Factory. This kit includes an original unissued Romanian sling. Photos are representative of the condition the item is in and what you will be receiving if you win the auction. Some parts are non-serialized but as far as we can tell the serialized components are all matching.

We will include TWO Romanian AK74 Magazines with the kit you purchase!

Romanian AIMR: The Romanian AIMR was one of the first variants of a short-barreled AK74M for the Romanians. This gun was chambered in the famous high-velocity 5.45x39mm. You can tell an AIMR apart from an AIMS on three main factors. Barrel length, the gas block, and the muzzle device. The AIMR has a short 12.5″ barrel whereas the AIMS has a 16″. the gas block on an AIMR is the more modern 90 degrees integrated sight/gas block whereas the AIMS has a more traditional gas block. The AIMR also has a threaded barrel whereas the AIMS has a threaded sight block for 22:1 threads. The AIMS utilized a 74 style brake and the AIMR uses a PM90 flash hider. The serialized parts ARE matching, and this does include the original 5.45 cleaning rod.

All NFA rules apply please follow all your local, state, and national laws.

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