Spare AK Parts Kit

Spare AK Parts Kit


Spare AK Parts Kit with: bolt, bolt carrier, front trunnion, recoil spring assembly and dust cover.

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These spare AK Parts Kits are perfect for the person building their own AK from the ground up! These are parts from demilled AK’s that were never issued. The bolt carriers were converted from full auto to semi auto carriers. You will notice a small mill mark on the right side of the carrier, under the rail from where the full auto trip was removed. This does not affect the functionality of the parts.

The spare AK parts fit the caliber 7.62x39mm.

These new, unissued AK Parts Kits include:

1 Bolt Assembly

1 Bolt Carrier

1 Front Trunnion

1 Recoil Spring Assembly

1 Dust Cover


These AK Parts Kits will not have matching serial numbers.

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