W+F Bern Swiss K31 Carbine Rifle 7.5×55

W+F Bern Swiss K31 Carbine Rifle 7.5×55


Swiss K31 Straight Pull Rifle. (7.5×55 SWISS)

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A superior bolt-action rifle, this rifle is credited by many historians as being a primary reason Hitler did not engage Switzerland in World War II. As the standard-issue infantry weapon for Switzerland’s militia/army, these rifles were issued universally to male citizens of military service age from 1933 through 1958.

The Swiss Karabiner Model 1931 better known as the K31 was the replacement for both the model 1911 as well as the K11. It was the standard-issue service rifle for the Swiss armed forces from 1933 until 1958 where it was later replaced by the STG-57. This makes the K31 the last bolt action service rifle for the Swiss, however, particular cases and modified versions remained in service well into the 1970’s likely for its reliable action and accurate performance. The K31 features a 25.67” barrel and is chambered in the 7.5x55mm Swiss (GP11) and utilizes a 6 round detachable magazine. Interestingly, the K31 is indeed a straight-pull carbine based upon the many Schmidt-Rubin service rifles, however, the K31 was not designed by Rudolf Schmidt because he had passed away by then. It is undeniable his influence is seen throughout the rifle. Colonel Furrer designed the K31 at Waffenfabrik Bern. Since the Swiss had remained neutral throughout the entire Second World War; these rifles are all in much greater condition than the other European service rifles. Only 528,230 K31’s were produced from 1931-1970 and each batch has unique differences reflecting on the decisions made by the Swiss military.

Contrasted to the Springfield, Mossin-Nagant, and Mauser K98 rifles which were contemporary to the Schmidt Rubin K31, all of those rifles used a locking system wherein the bolt is manually rotated by the motion of the bolt handle in an “up and back, forward and down” pattern, whereas the K31 is operated with a straight back and forward motion. This allows faster shooting in combat situations, with a less pronounced arm motion, which the Swiss may have felt was prone to give a soldier’s position away more readily.

In practice, while all of those rifles were really very good in both design and production, the K31 shines particularly in one regard: Accuracy. It is very common for Schmidt Rubin K31 rifles to shoot one MOA (minute of angle, or one-inch groups at one hundred yards, two-inch groups at two hundred yards, etc.) exactly as issued, and these groups are commonly obtained using the factory “iron sights” the rifle comes equipped with. None of the other rifles mentioned can make this claim for a majority of issued military surplus rifles.

It is this accuracy that, theoretically, caused Hitler to pause in assessing Switzerland for the invasion along with the rest of Europe, and it is this accuracy that makes the Schmidt Rubin K31 a prize among collectors and avid shooters alike. has a few of these firearms left. Imported by M+M, Inc, these K31 rifles are in good to excellent condition and feature beech or walnut stocks. They are excellent examples of collectible firearms, either for display or for actual use. All of our K31’s are in Good to Really Good conditions.  These rifles have been import marked to comply with ATF standards.  The K31 rifle qualifies as a C&R firearm and we will accept C&R licenses for this item. All CoGunSales terms and conditions apply.

View and download the Swiss Schmidt Rubin K11/31 Owner’s Manual in English for FREE!


Barrel Length – 25.65 inches: 4-groove, RH, concentric rifling, 1 in 10.63
Overall Length – 43.6 inches
Weight – 8.85lbs empty
Action – Straight Pull Bolt Action
Caliber – 7.5×55 Swiss (GP11)
Capacity – 6 round detachable box magazine
Sights – Tangent-leaf sight graduated to 1500m
Total Production – 528,230
Bayonet: Models 1899/18, 1918, 1918/55 and 1914 Pioneer (Sawback)

There are three grade selections you can choose from. The first is Regular, we select a K31 at random and that is what will be sent. The Second is Hand Select, we will pull a K31 with 3 preferences you supply. (example – Dark, Medium or Light in color; walnut or beech. All matching serial numbers. Etc.) And finally the Custom Select, We will pull 3 rifles  with your personal preferences and take overall photos and you choose out of the three. And if you do not like any of the three, you are allotted 1 retake with a new set of 3. Photos of any K31 will require the custom select.


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