Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K11 Infantry Carbine 7.5×55

Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K11 Infantry Carbine 7.5×55


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Identical to the Model 1911 rifle in every way except for barrel and overall length, the Repeating Carbine, Model 1911 (K-11) replaced both the Model 1905 carbine and the Model 1889/1900 Short Rifle. Having been produced only 1/10 of an inch longer than the 1889/1900 Short Rifle, it was capable of firing the newer and more powerful GP1911 cartridge. The newer tangent sight was used on the carbine, but was graduated for the shorter barrel length.The Swiss at some point realized that its support troops, cavalry, and certain other units required a shorter rifle then what was currently available and so designed the Model 1911 Carbine. The Swiss 1911 Carbine being smaller, lighter and still lethally accurate, became a favorite of the Swiss Army and its popularity contributed to the design of its successor, the K31. It still rivals the K31 in popularity among modern shooters.They are also the last variation with the flatter mag plate which bench shooters tend to prefer, as well as the grooved Schmidt Rubin design bolt, and Bakelite charging handle. Produced concurrently with the 1911 Rifle, the 1911 Carbine replaced both the Short Rifle and Calvary Carbine. While production of the 1911 rifle stopped in 1919, Carbine production continued until 1933 with some 184,000 Carbines being produced.



Barrel Length – 23.3 inches: 4-groove, RH, concentric rifling, 1 in 10.63
Overall Length – 43.6 inches
Weight – 8.85lbs empty
Action – Schmidt-Rubin Straight Pull
Caliber – 7.5×55 Swiss (GP11)
Capacity – 6 round detachable box magazine
Sights – Tangent-leaf sight graduated to 1500m
Total Production : 185,150
Bayonet: Models 1892 Spike Bayonet, 1899, 1918, 1906 Pioneer (Sawback) and 1914 Pioneer (Sawback)



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