W+F: Custom Schmidt Rubin M.1889 .22LR ‘Show-Room’ Condition

W+F: Custom Schmidt Rubin M.1889 .22LR ‘Show-Room’ Condition


Schmidt Rubin Custom Made 1889 Antique in .22LR

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Swiss Schmidt Rubin 96/11 .22 LR CAL
This is a listing for a unique Schmidt-Rubin 96/11 Swiss rifle. The model 1896/1911 is a historical marvel since the Swiss utilized old 1889/1896 rifle stocks with the updated 1911 actions. This rifle expresses its historical journey by utilizing newer Swiss military technology capable of firing 7.5x55mm (GP11) rounds while preserving resources and reusing material with the old stock; one can see the change where the Swiss grafted a much more modern grip onto the old stock. The Swiss also added a newer trigger guard plate. This makes the Schmidt Rubin model 96/11 functionally the same as 1911, while at the same time showing the
resourcefulness and craftsmanship the Swiss utilized to create the rifle.

Condition: The 96/11 pictured is the item for sale. This is a .22 LR 1896/11. According to the rifle’s serial number, it was manufactured in 1897 by Waffenfabrik Bern. All serial numbers are matching on this rifle. The overall condition is excellent. The stock is a custom-made wood, cut especially just for this rifle. The stock has most of its original finish still intact. There is one light pressure mark on the upper handguard and on the right hand of the buttstock. The bluing also has a nice even finish and just about all of the bluings is still intact. The bolt and bolt face looks excellent and contributes to this rifle’s buttery smooth action. The lands and grooves still look strong throughout the barrel and there are no signs of pitting, there is some use wear in the barrel but this is very minimal.


Pressure Proof test pass
V+ – Major Vogelsang
Shooting Test pass
Custom Name Plate

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