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Gewehr 1911

Published on February 23, 2022
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The Schmidt Rubin Model 1911 was not, in fact, a 1911-style pistol, but a Swiss military rifle. It replaced the previous Model 1889 service rifle as the next evolution in Swiss military long arms developments. A symbol of Swiss neutrality throughout the first World War, these battle-ready precision instruments simply never entered the battle.

The 1911 changed the location of the locking lugs from the 1889’s design by moving them into the middle of the bolt, rather than at the rear, which strengthened the action of the rifle. This was necessary to accommodate the evolving powerful and modernized cartridges of the time, to fit the needs of the Swiss military. The Schmidt Rubin Model 1911 rifle is chambered for the Gewehrpatrone 11, commonly known as the GP11 round.

This round was updated to be completely noncorrosive and increase accuracy at longer distances and was kept in service until the 1990s. The Model 1911 features a 30.7” barrel with a 1 in 9 twist rate. The rifle utilizes a 6-round detachable magazine that utilizes the 7.5×55 Swiss cartridge. Because the Swiss remained neutral throughout the war, these rifles are in much better condition than other European WWI service rifles. It’s a prestigious piece of small arms history that can be passed on and appreciated for generations.

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