AK SKS Broken Shell Extractor 7.62×39

AK SKS Broken Shell Extractor 7.62×39


Necessary Accessory For AK & SKS Rifles!

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Removes cartridges which have broken off in the chamber of a gun. Works on SKS or AK type rifles. Very required as it is impossible to get a broken shell out without this tool. Goes in the back of cartridge with the base pulled off. Catches the spent shell on the inside neck and pull it out by using the guns regular extractor. Works with bolt action and semi-auto rifles.

Instructions for use:

When the head is torn from the case leaving the majority of the shell casing inside the chamber of your weapon. You will need a Broken Shell Extractor (BSE) to safely remove it from the chamber.

1. Insert the narrow end of BSE into the chamber with the casing stuck inside. Make sure that the inner pin is unscrewed so the end is not flared. (You will know what I mean when you see it)

2. Once the BSE is properly installed into the chamber you can release the bolt. Then you can pull the bolt back, by doing so it will pull the BSE back and and the end will flare and grab the case opening where the bullet was and pull it out like a regular loaded round.

Keep one with your shooting gear, in your gunsmithing kit or gun case. A handy, must have item for shooters and hunters.

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