Egyptian Rasheed Carbine 7.62×39 (Select Conditions)

Egyptian Rasheed Carbine 7.62×39 (Select Conditions)


Egyptian Rasheed 7.62×39 rifle. Select from three excellent condition rifles.

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The Rasheed (aka Rashid) rifle is an Egyptian manufactured gas operated semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm. The rifle is the direct descendant of the Hakim which itself was a licensed version of the Swedish AG-42 Ljungman rifle.

The history of the Rasheed’s development is very murky. Like the Hakim the Rasheed is a direct gas-impingement auto-loading rifle with an adjustable gas control valve. Unlike the Hakim the operating system of the bolt was modified by adding a charging handle. The shell deflector was removed. The muzzle break was removed as it was not needed for the lighter caliber 7.62x39mm. Most importantly the size was reduced to carbine length making it much smaller and lighter than its big brother the Hakim. In appearance the Rasheed bares a very strong resemblance to the Russian SKS with a similar profile and the under-folding bayonet.

The Rasheed was manufactured in the 1960s but the number manufactured isn’t known. Best estimates put the number of Rasheeds still in existence at around 8,000

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