SIG Switzerland PE90-P Complete Upper

SIG Switzerland PE90-P Complete Upper


SIG Switzerland PE90-P Upper Assembly


FASS-90 STGW90 PE90 SIG 550 SG551 SIG Sauer 556

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SIG PE90 / 550 Series: The SIG made PE90p is a SIG550 series pistol that has been imported from Switzerland. The PE90p is the private personal model made of the 550 series. These PE models are made for civilian use and often come first before the military production batches. PE stands for (privaten einsatz) which means private (personal) use. The Swiss needed a successor to the STG-57/PE57 rifle which utilized the Schmidt Rubin 7.55x55mm Swiss (GP11) cartridge. This rifle was great but large and heavy compared to many of the newer service rifles around the world. The Swiss began to look at manufacturing a much lighter and modular carbine to fill this role. Waffenfabrik Bern utilized models in both 6.45x48mm and 5.56x45mm (NATO) when testing this new carbine system in the SG541. 5.56 was a clear winner and in 1986 the Swiss began production of the SIG550. In 1990 it was adopted by the Swiss military, and later named STG90 or PE90 for citizen use. The rifle is very modular even 30 years later it utilizes ambidextrous safety-fire selectors. The 550 uses the famously reliable long-stroke gas piston operating system. The trigger guard can rotate outward for use with large winter gloves. It accepts 30, 20, 10, and 5 round polymer magazines that use a rock and lock system and features a last-round bolt hold open. The SG550/PE90 utilizes polymer furniture that is sleek and lightweight. The pistol grip has a compartment for magazine speed loaders or cleaning kits.

20″ Cold hammer forged – Chrome lined barrel. Cal: 5.56/.223

The PE90p pictured is the item for sale. This is a PE90 upper assembly only. The lower and lower parts will not be included. This is an FFL item because the upper receiver on SIG 55X series rifles/pistols are the controlled/serialized items. This is an all-original Swiss SIG PE90 upper. This SIG is called a PE 90 P because it was imported into the U.S. as a pistol. The P designates this. These SIG PE90P’s are imported into the US by M+M Industries. They come in in a variety of conditions and years of production.

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