Swiss Model 1840 Cantonal Ordnance Percussion Pistol, 17.5 mm

Swiss Model 1840 Cantonal Ordnance Percussion Pistol, 17.5 mm


Superb Condition & Beautiful Tiger Striping!

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This is a fine example of an 1840 Swiss percussion pistol in excellent and all original condition. Few examples of this pistol exist today and even fewer exist in this condition making this item quite rare.

Oberst Folst was the director of the arsenal in Morges, canton Vaud, Switzerland, that developed this pistol. It is unknown why this pistol was developed but the contract went to Auguste Francotte in Liege, Belgium to manufacture these items for the Swiss. Francotte was the primary manufacturer of percussion weapons during the period of time this firearm was manufactured. This model of pistol was the result of further development to the 1839 Vaud Cantonal Ordnance Pistol.

The serials on the receiver and stock are matching. The wood on the stock is in superb condition and features a beautiful tiger striped pattern. There are no cracks or chips in the stock; few, minor handling marks are visible. The brass barrel band, trigger guard and pistol butt are in excellent condition. The original lanyard is located at the base of the pistol grip and is in perfect functioning order. Stamping of A. Francotte Liege are visible on the receiver and the top of the barrel. The cantonal crest is clearly visible on the top of the barrel as well as the canton stamp of “VAUD”. “AF over Crown”, the cartouche of Francotte is located on the side of the receiver near the action. Overall, this firearm is in excellent condition and would be a wonderful addition to any firearms afficianado’s collection.

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