Urban ERT P556 3-Point Sling

Urban ERT P556 3-Point Sling


Specifically Designed to Fit Your P556!

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The SIG-556 Pistol Three Point Tactical Single Point Sling allows the tactical operator to manipulate the weapon at virtually any angle, and around any corner in any situation on any weapon system. With this specifically designed configuration, it allows for a VERY NICE CHEEK WELD FOR WEAPON STABILIZATION. The SIG-556 Pistol Sling also allows the tactical operator to maintain the weapon in close proximity to their center of mass. While the PSRT is in the forward position, the weapon is kept nice and tight. With the PSRT slid to the rear, a flawless cross shoulder transitions can be performed to expose the minimum amount of your body to the threat, and obtain a nice cheek weld with the sling. Once the SIG-556 Pistol sling is adjusted to fit what ever kit you have on, you can rest assured that this unique pistol is always at the ready.


The bonus is the ability to transform this unique sling into a fully functional three point sling with only one hand in a single action.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in


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