PSL-54 Field Kit

PSL-54 Field Kit


Original CUGIR factory PSL-54 field servicing kit. Includes cleaning rod that can be broken down into three portable pieces, original PSL sling, and Romanian cleaning kit that can be stored in a pistol grip, stock or small pocket if needed.

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Original sling and cleaning kit for the Romanian PSL-54 also known as the RomAK-3 7.62x54R. This cleaning kit and sling can be best used on any 7.62 DMR. It includes the traditional “pill” shaped bottle that includes different jags, punches, and brushes for all cleaning and field servicing. The cleaning rod comes as three pieces, that screw together. This makes it small and portable. Each piece has a unique end bit that can be used for different purposes during the cleaning process. The green canvas sling looks like a traditional Romanian AKM nylon sling but this one is a bit longer, in addition, they are made from a woven canvas which is traditionally a bit tougher. All items are new but may show some age through storage.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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