SAN 511 Precision Rifle .50 BMG

SAN 511 Precision Rifle .50 BMG


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Caliber 12.7×99 / .50 BMG
Action Bolt action
Overall length 1225 – 1650 mm / 48 – 65” with 36” barrel
Barrel length 445, 560, 700, 815 or 915 mm / 17.5, 22, 27.5, 32 or 36”
Weight, with empty magazine 14.6 kg / 32 lbs with 36” barrel
Magazine capacity 5 rounds


SAN 511 sniper / anti-materiel rifle is an improved version of the OM Nemesis rifle, which was developed by Swiss company AMSD several years ago. All manufacturing rights and documentation for Nemesis were sold by AMSD to SAN Swiss Arms AG (former SIG Arms factory, now member of international SIG SAUER group) in 2010.

SAN 511 sniper / anti-materiel rifle is manually operated, rotary bolt action weapon. It is built around aluminum alloy receiver, which is possible due to bolt locking directly to the barrel extension. Precision made barrel is free floated and equipped with muzzle brake and/or optional sound suppressor (silencer). Rifle is offered in several configurations, with various barrel lengths and optional extended Picatinny rails. Rifle is fed from detachable box magazines with 5-round capacity. Side-folding shoulder stock can be easily adjusted to user preferences, and is fitted with adjustable, folding rear support leg. Folding adjustable bipod is attached to the forend, and rifle can be fired either from ground or other support (for maximum accuracy) or off the shoulder (in emergency situations). Sighting means are provided by telescope or night sights, installed by the user onto integral Picatinny rail, runnig at the top of the receiver.  Additional accessory rails are provided on both sides of the receiver.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 16 × 6 in


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