Yugoslavian Mauser M24/52-C 8mm Mauser (7.92×57) Rifle

Yugoslavian Mauser M24/52-C 8mm Mauser (7.92×57) Rifle


Yugoslavian Mauser M24/53-C 8×57 Mauser C&R

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The Yugoslavian Mauser M.24/53-C pictured is the rifle for sale. This M24/53C is in very good-excellent condition. The stock retains about 90% of its original military finish. We noted beautiful tiger stripes strongly on the right side of the stock which give the rifle a beautiful finish. In terms of blemishes and damage we noted a large dent/chip near the grip of the stock on the left hand side (see photos). Two light dings at the bottom of the butt stock. Aside from that we only note minor cosmetic blemishes like bumps and dings from transportation and storage. The bluing finish is in excellent condition. The rifle retains 95% of its original blue finish and the finish is strong and even throughout the metal parts. Keep in mind the rifle was refinished by Zastava in 1953. The barrel looks excellent. We noted very strong rifling with nice lands and grooves throughout the bore. The majority of the bore is bright and shiny. There was frosted noted near the middle of the barrel but we could not see any active rusting. Not all serial numbers are matching as some are forced matched.



Yugoslavian Mauser M24/53-C

The FN Model 24 is a line from the famous Mauser Gewehr 98 bolt action rifle series produced by the Belgian factory Fabrique Nationale. They are similar to the Czech Vz.24 both utilizing the 8mm Mauser cartridge. After the German defeat in the First World War Belgium manufactured their own Mauser 98 variant. Each rifle was modified based on the factories’ contracts. Yugoslavia was one of the major adopters of this rifle pattern. In fact, the first of the Mauser pattern rifles produced specifically for the Yugoslavians was the M24. Hurricane butterfly the time, when WWI ended the Kingdom of SHS (Serbians, Croatians and Slovenes) had large abundances of military equipment and weapons in a variety of calibers. They wanted to standardize to one caliber which is why they decided to go with the Belgian Mauswer 1924 and utilize the 7.92×57 (*mm Mauser) cartridge) The initial purchase order was 100,000 rifles with 110 million rounds for those rifles. The FN Model 24 was the predecessor and was produced for the Yugoslavians under contract by FN Herstal. Eventually the design was licensed and produced in Yugoslavia. It is noted that all M24 rifles were produced before or during WWII by the Kragujevac Arsenal plant. The Yugo M24 is nearly identical in design to the FN Model 1924. The last variant of the M24 for Yugoslavia was the M24/47 rifle. They were produced by reworking existing prewar Model 24 and refurbished by Zastava Arms formally known as the Kragujevac Arsenal. The “47” designates the beginning of the new rebuild program in 1947. These rifles were rebuilt in the early 1950’s alongside the production of the Zastava Masuer M48 rifles. M24 rifles were used by the Royal Yugoslav Army and by nearly all sides of the war during the Balkan front of World War II. The Mauser 24/52-C like the FN model 1924 and the Yugoslav M24/47 utilizes the 8mm Mauser cartridge. What is interesting is that the Mauser 24/52-C actually used the Czech produced VZ-24 rifle rather than the Belgian M24 rifle. What is interesting is that Belgian M24 and Czech VZ24 have NO interchangeable parts. The only thing these rifles share and the Mauser 98 style action, 8mm Mauser Cartridge, and “24” number. It is interesting that Yugoslavia purchased both the FN M.24 and the Czech VZ24 considering none of the parts can be swapped and they both served as the Yugoslavians primary service rifle. Interestingly enough the VZ24s were kept as reserves while more of the FN M24s were used in service. Typically, Vz24s were more expensive and considered to be more accurate and smoother so one could say they may have been saving their best for last. Like the M24/47 the M24/52-C was a Zastava Yugoslavian conversion for the Czech rifles. 1953 was the year this program begins which was when the 1924/47 rebuild program ended. M24/52-Cs are usually in better condition than the M48 and M24/47 rifles, because they did not serve in the Second World War, they are a very interesting piece of Yugoslavian history as well as a very exotic piece to any Mauser collection. These rifles are typically the rarest of the Yugoslavian Mauser family. Because the rifle is a VZ24 at the end of the day they may have straight OR Bent bolt knobs as Czechoslovakia produced VZ24 Mauser rifles with both style bolts. Only 40,000 VZ24s were produced for the Yugoslavians.


Yugoslavian Crest




P serial number – Czech


Eagle over N – Ulm – Nitro Proof for long guns

Triple Crown Crest – Cologne – Proof House


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