1980’s Romanian Flare Pistol 26.5mm made by Cugir Arms

1980’s Romanian Flare Pistol 26.5mm made by Cugir Arms


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This is an interesting piece of Eastern Bloc history. A Cugir/ROMARM produced flare pistol, they are the same pattern as the Polish Circle 11 pistols making them uniform for the Warsaw Pact, there are notable differences, but these are cosmetic and include differences in grip designs, roll marks and finish material. The pistol is a 26.5mm steel frame flare pistol with black Bakelite grips. This flare gun has an exposed hammer and a release trigger built under the actual trigger, this trigger opens up the flare pistol to remove spent shells or insert a new flare. There are chalk rounds made for 26.5mm flare pistols. These were imported directly out of Romania and have varying conditions. Finish may be intact or not, may have pitting, expect some cosmoline  but the overall quality of these flare pistols is good for Warsaw Pact military surplus.

  • 1980’s era (most of these pistols are from the ’80s based on the years rolled onto the frames.)

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