Romanian Mod. 63 PARTS KIT – Surplus AKM Kit with FORGED Trunnion + “Dong”

Romanian Mod. 63 PARTS KIT – Surplus AKM Kit with FORGED Trunnion + “Dong”


CUGIR AKM MD 63 “Dong” parts kit from Romania.

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100% Original ‘surplus’ AKM parts kit from Romania! This kit includes a forged front trunnion with feed ramp installed and forged bolt carrier and bolt. All military spec parts. Wooden “dong grip” included! Rivets, barrel and receiver are not included! This kit is an excellent replacement set for for worn out AKM parts or to be built as a interesting and unique time specific AKM. The condition of the kit may vary. The pictures for this item are representative of the average md. 63 kit offered here. All parts are in good working condition. However, it should be known that some parts may have light surface rust. This can easily be remedied with gentle steel wool and oils. Romanian AKMs are known for the quality of material used and build quality of those parts. The metal is very strong compared to other AKM’s components so age and wear really should not be a problem for any of the parts in this kit as long as you give them a light cleaning and proper lubrication IF needed. Wood may have minor cracks or dings, and some may include trench art. See the last slide to see how these kits are configured. This is how they arrived to us and how they will be to you. Understand some small components may be missing but the kit should be a good kit to build, finish, or upgrade your AKM. Random year no requests

If you intend to build a Semi-Auto rifle make sure to follow 922r laws and obey all your local laws.
This kit MAY include an NFA trigger group. These parts will not be included if you have restriction in your state. Please clear this BEFORE paying.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 4 in


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