SIG Switzerland P210-6 With Original Box and Extras 9x19mm

SIG Switzerland P210-6 With Original Box and Extras 9x19mm


Swiss manufactured SWISS P.210-6 9mm pistol with original box and extras. A collectors must have!

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Condition: The SIG P210 pictured is the pistol for sale. Pictures are of the condition the item is in and what you will be receiving if you win the auction. This SIG P49 (210) is in excellent condition. It is a SIG Swiss-made P.210-6 Pistol chambered in 9x19mm (9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum). This 210 pistol will include its original blue box with the SIG logo. It also includes the original manual as well as the original factory test target. (See photos). The pistol is in EXCELLENT Condition. The overall wear on the pistol looks very minimal. The frame and slide are full of finish with not many cosmetic blemishes that we can find. The frame has a beautiful purple hue from the 1970’s-1980’s heat treatment process SIG was using at the time. The barrel appears excellent with a mirror-like finish and strong crisp lands and grooves. The polymer grips also look excellent with no cracks or damage of any kind. According to this SIG’s serial number it was likely made in 1979. These pistols were a limited-time run so this is an ultra-rare find. Please check all the photos before bidding. The box is still in very good condition as well but is missing some of the original foam on the top flap. (See photos).

SIG Switzerland P210-6 Forged Heavy Frame: In 1966 SIG produced a small batch of special forged heavy frame pistols for the Swiss National match team. The model was known as the SIG P210-5 and they were produced until 1969; because of this, there were only 46 models ever being produced according to the manufacturer. In the 1970s these very special heavy-frame models were offered to the private market. 100 models were made in 1979 and 50 were made the year after for Hofmann & Reinhart of Zürich. The pistols were made with the legendary 210 forging process shortly before the pistol went to a CNC machined-only frame. These pistols represent the pinnacle of SIG pistol manufacture and are extremely sought after by collectors.

SIG P210 (P49): The SIG P210 is a legendary pistol that was carried by the Swiss Army starting in 1949. It utilizes a steel frame and is hammer-fired. The design of the pistol was inspired by Charles Peters Modelle 35. The P210 was designed to replace the Luger 06/29. Prototypes for the new pistol began a testing phase from 1942-1944. The P210 eventually was fully designed in 1947 and went into full production in 1949; as it was the new candidate for the Swiss Army service pistol. It featured an easy-to-change barrel system where the user could change the 9x19mm barrel out for a 7x21mm barrel or even a .22lr conversion. Serial numbers, with a P initial in front of the number, were made for police or private ownership. The Sig P210 was produced from 1949 until 2005. It was officially phased out by the SIG P220, a major reason for its replacement was cost. The parts were all hand lapped making each piece perfectly fit the pistol. This can justify just how smooth the P210 slide and action feel. This luxury would later be phased out for CNC machining as it was more cost and time-effective. The P210 is regarded as one of the most expensive service pistols to produce in military history. However, an interesting note is that the SIG P210 is still in service today. It is regarded as the most accurate 9mm pistol ever produced by many firearms enthusiasts. It utilizes a 4.7” barrel and can accept an eight-round detachable magazine. (Single action only).  


SIG Arms Logo – (SIG) – Also known as SIG Switzerland, SIG AG, Swiss Arms, Waffenfabrik Neuhausen, SIG Neuhausen, SIG Sauer AG

P 210-6


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