Mauser Gewehr 1871/84 – Mauser Oberndorf – 11mm Mauser

Mauser Gewehr 1871/84 – Mauser Oberndorf – 11mm Mauser


Mauser 1871-84 Original FIRST Mauser Rifle!!!


Made in Germany.

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For sale is an original Mauser Gewehr 1871-84 (G.71-84). This Mauser classifies as an antique as the action was manufactured in 1871 and the rifle itself is marked 1887. In addition, the rifle fires an unconventional 11mm Mauser black powder cartridge. This Mauser was manufactured by Mauser Obendorf, which is the original Mauser fabrication factory. The factory originated as “Königliche Waffen Schmieden” (Royal Weapons Forge) founded under King Frederick I, in 1811. Peter Mauser was a German conscript who worked as a gunsmith for the German Empire. In 1859 he impressed his superiors so much that he had an exemption to leave the military and work in the Royal Weapons Forge. Peter Mauser is a historically special gun designer because unlike many firearms/ammo designers Peter Mauser was able to invent both by himself. Following the success of the Dreyse Needle Gun, Mauser created a turning bolt design that restored old partnerships giving him the financial support to create an ignition system that would detonate a cartridge at the base rather than the middle like the needle gun. Mauser continued to work on his design and in 1871 created his first finished rifle the M.1871 the Prussian government adopted the rifle on December of 1871. All of the German Kingdom had adopted the rifle with the exception to Bavaria. Later a conversion was done to allow for an 8-Round tube magazine which was a serious advantage to older designs. This design is known as 1871-1884 which later went on to be adopted by the Turkish military as their 1887 rifle. 1871 itself was adopted by many countries around the world as it revolutionized firearms forever. The 1871-84 specifically was adopted by the Korean Empire, Chinese Qing Dynasty, South African Republic (secretly), and Venezuela. The 1871-84 went on to be made licensed by Serbia and Turkey and would become their service rifle. The rifle would re-enter service for the Germans for their North African front in WWI where it was used to shoot down observation balloons using incendiary rounds.


Condition: The Mauser 1871-84 pictured is the item for sale. This Mauser is in very good condition. The Mauser is missing its magazine follower and a front barrel ban retaining pin. The rest of the rifle is in excellent condition especially for the rifles age. As stated, the rifle was likely manufactured or converted in 1887 hence the roll mark. The stock is great shape with a good amount of finish still intact. Expect standard military service wear. The bluing finish has patina significantly but looks even and pleasing. Most of the original bluing finish is gone and some parts are bare metal. In addition there is some age pitting but there does not appear to be active rust.  The bore is actually in quite good shape and doesn’t show signs of serious or dangerous wear. The bolt and bolt face look excellent and contribute to a very smooth Mauser action.

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