Swiss SIG P210-1 Pistole 49

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Original Swiss SIG P210-1 also known as the P.49. These pistols can be chambered in 9mm, 7.65mm and even .22LR. Regarded as the most accurate pistol of all time these pistols were also the most expensive military pistols to produce to this day.


SIG P210 (P49): The SIG P210 is a legendary pistol that was carried by the Swiss Army starting in 1949. It utilizes a steel frame and is hammer-fired. The design of the pistol was inspired by Charles Peters Modelle 35. The P210 was designed to replace the Luger 06/29. Prototypes for the new pistol began a testing phase from 1942-1944. The P210 eventually was fully designed in 1947 and went into full production in 1949; as it was the new candidate for the Swiss Army service pistol. It featured an easy-to-change barrel system where the user could change the 9x19mm barrel out for a 7x21mm barrel or even a .22lr conversion. Serial numbers, with a P initial in front of the number, were made for police or private ownership. The Sig P210 was produced from 1949 until 2005. It was officially phased out by the SIG P220, a major reason for its replacement was cost. The parts were all hand lapped making each piece perfectly fit to the pistol. This can justify just how smooth the P210 slide and action feel. This luxury would later be phased out for CNC machining as it was more cost and time-effective. The P210 is regarded as one of the most expensive service pistols to produce in military history. However, an interesting note is that the SIG P210 is still in service today. It is regarded as the most accurate 9mm pistol ever produced by many firearms enthusiasts. It utilizes a 4.7” barrel and can accept an eight-round detachable magazine. (Single action only).

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